Do you suffer from fatigue because of a medical condition?


Over the last couple of years we have talked about fatigue on this blog quite a lot.  From covering what it is like to suffer from fatigue  ( to share a few tips for keeping more active in the afternoon (

As regular readers of this blog will know one of our key objectives is to provide a space where people can share their experiences of living with , in this case, fatigue and how how they deal with it.

Lots of medical conditions can have fatigue as a symptom such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis to name a few.  But so, of course, can being a caregiver.

The aim of this blog post is to get a feel  for our readers fatigue stories.  In particular what cause their fatigue.  How common is your fatigue?  And your tips for dealing with fatigue.

Firstly you will find a short poll below on fatigue and it would be great is you could take part.  Secondly we would love it if you could use the comment box below to share your fatigue story.  Anything you wish to share will be of great interest to our readers!


Fatigue – How do you treat or manage fatigue?

Treatments for Fatigue
Treatments for Fatigue

Over the last 18 months this blog has covered the whole issue of fatigue from a wide range of different perspectives.  You can have a look at some of our previous discussion here

Today we are interested in taking a different tack.

We would like to know how you treat/manage fatigue.  What has worked and what hasn’t!

So firstly would it be possible for you to take part in the poll below.

Secondly it would be great if you could share a bit more about for fatigue story and the treatments you have used int he comments box below

Thanks very much in advance.