Autism and the future- what are your hopes and fears for the future as a parent of a child on the autism spectrum?

Autism Research Sheffield Hallam
Autism Research Sheffield Hallam

We have been asked to help a student at Sheffield Hallam University find parents of children on the autism spectrum to take part in a short survey.  Kerry Clark is studying for her Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology at the university and the research we feel is vital in getting a more holistic picture of families with members on the autistic spectrum and their hopes and fears for the future!

Ms Clark tell us that “the piece of research that I am carrying out is investigating how parents of children with Autism feel that they cope, and feel hopeful and optimistic about their own and their child’s future. This research will help to inform the support that parents receive for themselves and their child, following their child’s diagnosis. It is encouraged that both Mothers and Fathers complete the questionnaire separately, as we are really keen to represent fathers as much as mothers, as research conducted to date is often complete by mothers only.

Parents are asked to fill out four questionnaires relating to coping, hope; for their own and their child’s future, and share their optimistic views, taking no longer than 15-20 minutes.

My research is being supervised by a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, Rachel Taylor and has received ethical approval from Sheffield Hallam University’s ethics committee.”

To take the study please follow the link here: