Autism and Self-diagnosis. Is it a good idea? What is your view. Please take our poll!

Self diagnosis with autism
Self diagnosis with autism

In some recent polling we conducted about age of diagnosis of autism one other the interesting facts that emerged were how many people were diagnosed as adults.

As part of this I discovered (and yes I know I should have known before) that many adults self diagnose themselves as being being on the autism spectrum.

On further investigation I discovered a number of sites have put up questionnaires which may give the the respondent a chance of self-diagnosis. I’m not linking to them as I’m still very insure if such self diagnosis with autism is a good idea.

That being said the UK’s NHS seem to be neutral to approving. You can read more in their article on adults and autism here.

While I’m very unsure I’m interested in what others think. So we have set up a poll (below) which allows you to share your views on the subject. So please do take part.

More crucially I would love to hear from adults who have self diagnosed or who, alternatively, decided to opt for another path to diagnosis.

It would be great if you could share your story and views in the comments section below.

It would be great if you would think in terms of the following questions:-

a) What were the signs that you or a loved one were on the autism spectrum?
b) How did you get diagnosed?
c) What was the outcome?
d) Was the diagnosis useful in your life?
e) Would you recommend your path to diagnosis to others?

Please use the comments section below to share your story. Though of course we are keen to hear anything you wish to share!

Many thanks in advance.