Autism and Halloween – Some tips on making it work!


First off all can I kick off by saying how much of a Halloween fan I’ve become in the last decade or so. And one of the big reasons is that both our children love. That’s them preparing to collect an industrial quantity of candy from our unsuspecting neighbours!

In England it wasn’t a real big thing when I was growing up but it’s great to have another celebration as the Winter slowly makes its way into our marrows.

Anyway that’s not quite the point of the article  I’m interested in sharing information about autism and halloween.  And getting you my dear readers to share any tips you might have with my readers.

I mention this because a couple of years after this picture was taken our son (who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum just over seven years ago) who was offered sweets he did not like (and that’s most of them) explain to the kind householder “I’m terribly sorry I can eat these .  You see I’m on a diet.”  My wife has spend the next few years to try and explain to him why this might be perceived as rude.   Not least because with his skinniness it is quite clearly a barefaced lie.

So here are a few tips which you might find useful:-

  1. If they don’t like dressing up why not get them a halloween tee shirt instead!
  2. Try practicing doing trick or treat which your child beforehand.  Indeed you might find this Halloween social story of use.
  3. For the first few minutes don’t knock on doors just let them enjoy the scene.  If they feel happy about knocking on doors then go ahead but bee relaxed about it!
  4. Plan and discuss the route you will take before you leave the house!
  5. Do the trip with people your child know and is happy to be about!
  6. And finally if your child is non-verbal then why not print out (and laminate) the calling card below so they can show it when knocking or doors!
Trick or Treat Card for People with Autism
Trick or Treat Card for People with Autism


Now it’s over to you my lovely readers!   What have your experiences of Halloween been like in the past?  What are you plans for this year?  Have you any tips you would like to share with other?  Then please use the comments box below to share!

Many thanks and remember the aim is to have fun so don’t get stressed!  Go on enjoy yourself you deserve it!