Autism and Genetics – Please take our poll about family and Autism inheritance

Autism Awareness
Autism Awareness
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Over the last few years quite a lot of work has been done exploring the idea that autism may be an inherited medical condition. Indeed having more than one sibling with autism turns out not to be as uncommon as once thought.

Indeed not just is our son autistic but so is one of his cousins in Australia.

So, of course, I’m very interested to see if this is reflected in the experiences of our readers.  Is there more than one person in your family diagnosed with autism?  Or deso more than one person show autistic traits?  Both are the case in my family as delayed speech is very common.

It would be great if you could take our poll below.  Feel free to use the comments box to add any more thoughts you may have on autism and genetics.

Many thanks in advance


than you for adding the dx part :) Makes a huge difference


This doesn't compute to me. 

First, people use genetic with an in utero abnormality as the same thing. Most people mean hereditary when they say genetic but genetic can mean any problem from birth.. meaning missing chromosomes or mom drank too much. 

Then there are the people who self diagnose. Oh my great great great grandpa had it because he was the first person to invent water so he was too smart to be normal *yawn*.  

Everyone is on the spectrum. It's a matter of where that's important. I am not interested in your super smart uncle.. or your dad who was just a plain jerk and didn't like socializing.. that's a NORMAL man for ya.

And judging how many siblings you have with autism doesn't = genetic. If you are using the same womb, same sperm, same house, same cleaners, same shots, same diseases (we are all getting sicker and sicker), obesity, ages, inflammation, you live near a highway (yes that was a study for having a higher percentage of ASD children) . Of COURSE your children are going to come out similar... such as if you live in a area where there's no nutrition or your rich and parents never felt a need to educate you.. you can come out a certain way.  whatever... the point is they are raised in the same environment (and again many scientists use this terminology when they say genetic and the world assumes hereditary)

I would like to see a poll based on diagnosis.. not your own opinion. WAS your great great great uncle alfred actually diagnosed or was he just shy? Having anxiety issues or being shy does not make you autistic. It makes you have anxiety issues which could be from a ton of things.

It's well known for decades if you have one child with asd your chances are high of having another. But that doesn't tell me anything. 

There must be a better term for in utero than genetic.  I really truly think people are making all the wrong assumptions with terminology and their idea of what autism is.

Frankly I don't give a rats behind if you are smart and therefore have "autism". I care about did your grandpa need someone to change his diaper when he was 20? How in the hell did he have kids then. How about you? If you are coping, you are married, you can talk, you are raising children by yourself, paying bills, surviving on your own and yet say you have autism and everyone else around you must have it also because they don't like socializing... I really don't care about your opinion as harsh as that sounds. I want to help my kid who can't do any of those things. Being quirky is not the problem.


In my case 3 of my parents 11 great grandchildren have been diagnosed with autism and there are no known cases of autism in the preceding generations