Autism – a mother’s poem about her autistic son’s meltdown. Can you relate?

After the meltdown
After the meltdown

Jade Kable Speechley asked us to share this poem she wrote a few weeks ago. She says ” was having a tantrum waiting at the doctors I’m sure every parent can relate to my msg would love if you could post it on your page.” What do you think about the poem? Do you have one you would like to share? If so why not email us at

At the doctors
waiting to be seen
an hour has passed
and still no GP
I take a deep breath
what’s gonna happen next
it’s unpredictable
but understandable
my love is unconditional
life can be a struggle
don’t be so Judge mental
my baby is extra special
feeling confused
patients are wearing
tension is rising
with tears in his eyes
look at that brat
he needs a good smack
I can feel your stares
as you continue to glare
he don’t need discipline
despite your opinion
you don’t offend me
I get the same
at the grocery store
I still pick my baby up
off the floor
try and comfort him
a little more
As he screams and shouts
confused and upset
pinches and bits
My child
Your alright
Why do you cry
With those tears in your eyes
I give him a kiss
As I softly speak
It’s ok
Tomorrow will be
A better day