6 Weird Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work!

6 Weird Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work!
6 Weird Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work!

Ask for the weight loss tips and you will have unlimited ideas to implement! Some of them may be really weird, while some other may be difficult to bring into action, however studies have shown that all these weight loss tips work positively for at least few. Here are 6 such weird weight loss tips that you can try as they actually work!


  1. Keep your plate small – Yes, this is one of the most common weight loss tips encountered by many. A common question that will pop in your mind is – How would a plate induce weight loss?

But it does! A small plate would restrict you from eating large portions and hence control your diet. This tip will help only if you don’t help yourself with multiple servings, else the entire idea of restricting the diet portion would fail.


  1. Eat slowly, chew more – This works! There is a science backing it. Once you start having your meal, the intestine releases hormone cholecystokinin to indicate that the body has received its required amount of nutrition and stomach is full. The effect of cholecystokinin is amplified by leptin that tells brain to stop consuming more.


The whole process takes 20 minutes. Those eating very fast would realize that they have consumed more than their capacity and would in fact suffer from other digestive disorders. When you eat slowly by chewing more, the food gets properly digested and your brain receives signal of fullness in time. This helps you avoid overeating.


  1. Enjoy the food aroma for some time before eating – Many people can’t eat the food they cook and it is mostly because of fatigue or too much of food smell that would give wrong signals of fullness to the brain. Take some time smelling your food before you start gulping it all. This will restrict your diet intake for effective weight loss.


  1. Sniff essential oils for their appetite suppressing effect – Essential oils are known for their beautifying and relaxing effects. Sniffing on certain essential oils may also offer you appetite suppressing effect. Sniff bitter orange or peppermint oil before having your meals and you will find a noticeable reduction in appetite.
  2. Talk it out – When your weight loss mission is limited to you, the hurdles you may face would be more. This is because people around you would want you to indulge in scrumptious meals along with them. When you make your target public and make people believe that you are sincere about it, your friends and family would also help you in achieving that by creating lesser hurdles. Making your target public would bring a sense of sincerity too.


  1. Eat, don’t starve! – Dieting is not about starving. When you eat at regular intervals and don’t avoid your favorite food completely, the chances of overindulging would also go low. Even when your favorite food is unhealthy and full of calories, have it in small portion at least once in a week to avoid overindulgence.

Above tips are weird but very easy to implement. Try them out to enjoy positive results in the form of quick weigh loss.

Author Bio: Karishma is a professional blogger, whose work majorly comprises of health and fitness blogs. She has written articles on various weight loss suggestions in order to help the weight watchers. She contributes her articles on Turmeric Curcumin Shop, an online shop selling best quality Turmeric Curcumin Extract.