6 Diseases You Could Have Right Now and Not Know It (Yikes!)

6 Diseases You Could Have Right Now and Not Know It (Yikes!)
6 Diseases You Could Have Right Now and Not Know It (Yikes!)

There are several diseases which affect people from different walks of life. Some diseases you may never know about them, but they affect many people. It is even worrying considering some of the diseases have no cure.

Diseases you could have right now and not know it

  1. Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome

Just like the name suggests, it is a real disease, and it kills people from different parts of the globe. The health complication is common in young adult males from the ethnics of Laotian and Hmong descent. It affects healthy people, you just go to bed healthy, and you never wake up.

There are many cases of people from the ethnic group who have been affected by the health complication. It is worrying because there are no signs or even cure which can be tried to extend the life of people suffering from the disease. You can wake up with the death of your family member and stay worried not knowing when your day will come.

  1. Mad Cow Disease

The disease is incurable, and it is always fatal. The health complication eats holes in an individual’s brain hence leading to death. You will never know whether the meat you are eating is infected. To make it worse, even cooking the meat won’t sterilize the meat and get rid of the disease-causing agents. You may argue that you can avoid the disease by avoiding beef and dairy products, but you can’t know the type of meat or dairy product which has been affected by the disease.

  1. Huntington’s Disease

The disease causes your brain to unravel hence making the body move on its own. It leads to paranoia, hallucinations, speech impairment, anxiety, involuntary crying, involuntary limb movements among other complications.

The disease does not show up until you are above 35 years old. It is genetic and incurable which is sorrowful. You will struggle through the hard times in your 20s, after you reach 35 when you are about to settle, the disease ends your life. The uncontrolled movements can lead to accidents hence ending your life prematurely.

  1. Fish Odor Syndrome

It is an incurable illness. Fish odor syndrome is terrible. You can shower and apply those attractive perfumes before your date. But your body will produce an odor like the bad odor from rotting fish.

It can fluctuate depending on your diet. It is a condition which affects people, and it leads to embarrassments. The condition is genetic hence difficult to control. It just develops offering you no option to control it. Your life can be miserable with the disease. People will start avoiding you which will lead to stress. Remember stress can make your life short.

  1. Fatal Familial Insomnia

Many people nowadays fail to get enough sleep due to disruptions. The most common form of disruptions nowadays includes phones and watching till late night. But, the case is different if you are suffering from fatal familial insomnia. The condition will make you have an interrupted sleep as if you are watching an action movie.

The condition deteriorates to an extent where you will start losing weight. Hallucinations will set in at some point followed by panic attacks, and you will eventually die. It is a genetic condition which is incurable. If you have a relative who has never suffered from the condition, then you are probably in the line of developing the condition in the future.

  1. Pica

The disease creates cravings in your body for you to eat things which are not considered food. You can develop a craving for things such as plastic, rocks, paint, plaster and even dirt. You can imagine the damage the foreign particles will do to your body due to the increased and unreliable craving.

Normally people develop the craving for things such as pizza and popular snacks. But, the disease makes you develop a unique form of carving which can affect your body and health in general. Another health complication which you can face and it is incurable includes exploding head syndrome. The syndrome makes you hear things which are nonexistent. You will hear loud shots of guns and flashing lights when sleeping at night. It can make you unable to develop healthy sleep because it develops when you are about to sleep.