How to Maintain Mobility in Older People

Mobility in older people
Mobility in older people

One common consequence of old age is a decrease in mobility. Where once you could spritely take yourself virtually anywhere, you may now find yourself struggling to even move up and down the stairs. This decline in mobility brings with it a loss of independence, which in turn could affect the self-confidence of an older person.

This video from Be Independent Home Care examines how older people can maintain plentiful mobility into their senior years. Some recommended actions are common sense, like obtaining daily exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Others prioritize the enhancement of certain anatomical features. For instance, take special care of your eyesight and go for regular check-ups on your vision. If this starts to let you down as you get older, inevitably you will find it a lot harder to move about. Also, be good to your feet. Select your footwear carefully so that you can move around easily. If shoes feel uncomfortable, it’s time to switch to a different pair that fits you better.

In some cases, it may be a good idea to customize your home so that you can maintain mobility. This could involve the fitting of a stairlift to transport you up and down the stairs with ease, or perhaps adding grab rails and walk-in bathroom units. Essentially, if it will help you to remain mobile, it’s worth the investment of time, money and effort, as no price can be put on the importance of strong mobility in older age.