20 Natural Sleep Remedies

A lot of the areas featured in this blog may involve insomnia to some degree.

These include autism, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

So I am delighted to share this infographic which looks at some of the natural remedies for sleep disorders.

However I do have a favour to ask of you my lovely readers. Have you tried any of these remedies? If so which ones and how did they work? It would be great if you would share your experiences in the comments box below.

Many thanks

20 Natural Sleep Remedies

From Visually.



Hello. I'm a 27 year old woman living in Indiana and I wrote a poem. Thought someone might relate or enjoy.


Living like a zombie is just as awful as it sounds

while everyone else is busy, you're still trying to get around

the pain and dull ache you always feel

makes it nearly impossible to up

out of bed, just want to sleep, don't want it to be real.

You cry silently under the covers at night, just wanting it to stop.

No one truly understands your struggle,

they see you as nothing more than lazy

but having this invisible pain makes life hard to juggle.

While your body feel so fragile, your mind is also hazy

feeling like you're always swimming in a tub of jello

makes life for you quite difficult and frustrating.

From driving to class, to forcing yourself out of bed,

being social and taking part in everyday life, while missing your pillow

who knew that your life could be so exhausting

So difficult to do anything, some days you feel like the walking dead.

Hard to focus, entire body makes you feel like a ragdoll

limp and so weak, feel so tired, feel so pained

brain fog, snap crackle pop, joints stiff and creaky, made of wood

some days it seems like you'd rather not live at all

some days you feel so unproductive, no energy, you feel like a stain

on others you love, by hurting all the time, far more than you should.

Despite what some might think, this illness isn't just in our heads

we may look healthy on the outside, but our insides are screaming, feels fried

when we go out with friends, most days we'd rather be in bed instead

trying to remember what it was like before this life fills us with nostalgia

we feel a small sting in our hearts, recalling the days before we had Fibromyalgia.

Katie Clark